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By G. Thomas Hedlund

2121: Summer Reign

A Novel

The year is 2121. Ratford Jones wanders an Earth that has become a barren wasteland where only the strong survive. He believes he has achieved his purpose: to be the last survivor. Then his solitary life collides with a young woman wandering the vast, dangerous desert alone and all his doubts, failed hopes, and fears flood to the surface.

(Future) Best Selling Author

G. Thomas Hedlund

G. Thomas Hedlund earned his MFA in Creative Writing in 2009, after years of working and honing his craft through writers’ groups, workshops, and conferences. He has completed over seven novels, more than 30 short stories, and several screenplays. Yet it is only now that he has finally taken to the pursuit of publication. It is often a long journey wrought with danger, land mines, and plenty of rejection. Yet he believes in his work and that he has something worthwhile to share.

He welcomes you on this journey and hopes that this relationship will be a healthy and rewarding one. A symbiotic unity.


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Other Books

The Game

Faking an alien landing takes planning, guts, and a disdain for authority, especially if that ‘authority’ happens to be a top secret military establishment purported to harbor an actual alien crash-landing.

Arresting Aidan

The debut Jonathan Bryce novella. This planned 26-story series follows the rise of a star F.B.I. agent, thrown into the lion’s den when he must choose between his dream career and a friend he hasn’t seen in years.


An annoyingly small city, an ex-girlfriend, and a secret she’s reluctant to reveal. What could go wrong? When Jack discovers a mystery in the dead of winter, he has no idea just how cold things will get.

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– Divi Digest

Upcoming Events

June 23, 2019

Book Signing • TBD

Well, well, well, is it that time? I suppose it just might be. I’ll be certain to keep you updated on book signings, interviews, and podcasts right here. 

August 10, 2019

Book Reading • TBD

Not sure why some people read their own books at these events, but if it’s something I’m meant to do, I’ll let you know when I know, you know? 

Coming Soon!

Available Jun 16, 2019

The Shiver

A Novel

It was supposed to be a simple and final getaway among college friends. When four set out to explore a sandbar off Sanibel Island, Florida, they are unprepared for the shiver of sharks that begin circling. With the temperature falling with the sun, they’re soon left with few options.

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