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The Shiver

Tropical Storm Phyllis pounds the Gulf Coast as six college friends arrived at a beach house. Oblivious to the recent algae bloom and lack of sea life, they swim out to explore a sandbar.

As the sun sets, the tide rises, and hope fades. A shiver of sharks circle them, testing the depth, and these friends come to realize their greatest enemy may not be in the water, but in the mirror.

Summer Reign

What would you do if you were one of the last survivors on Eath? The year is 2121. Most of the water has evaporated from the planet.

Ratford Jones is about to discover that there’s more to life than simply surviving, and it will thrust him to confront a choice from his past… one he may not be able to shake.

clear. concise. compelling.

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Quick Course.

Yes, it really is that simple. G Q’ourse’s are designed to get you winning in this game of life affordably and efficiently.

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Who Is G?

That would be… me! Bestselling writer. Full-time freelancer for over 18 years. Parent of a child with Down syndrome.

I’ve studied the craft of writing most of my life. I’ve mastered the art of freelancing in a digital, competitive age. I’ve slipped and fallen as a husband, father, and businessman, and that’s why what I share has true value.

“We are defined not by our memories, but by the scars they leave behind.” -G. Thomas Hedlund

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The Shiver

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