Let’s Get This Party Started: The Beginning of a New Series

Okay, I figure this is as good a time as any to get this blog off the ground. A new novel.
I currently have three new novels just underway and one novella that I’m about to kickstart into gear.
Why a novella? Simple.
I decided to write a few shorter stories centered around a main character I happen to like. A lot. FBI Special Agent Jonathan Bryce. He’s young (28), brash, brilliant, and he knows it. A bit reckless with his words (and attitude), Bryce has done more than just annoy a few professors and superiors.
He doesn’t care.
He’s introduced in Arresting Aidan, the debut story for this character (release date very soon) and I’m set to open Breaking Benjamin forthwith. Why novellas? We’ll see how it goes, but I have my reasons, and perhaps a few new fans will enjoy these shorter tales that will ultimately lead up to Teasing Lions, a trilogy that pits Agent Bryce against a female police chief who is every part his equal. It doesn’t hurt from a story perspective that this Chief of Police is mired in a cunningly devised game of murder.
Enough about Teasing Lions for now.
My other stories to write are full-length novels and I can’t wait to dig into them. I recently completed The Shiver, a full-length novel about 6 friends who find themselves trapped on a sandbar with sharks circling. As the sun sets, the tide rises, and the shiver just won’t leave.
Another one is called A Crack in the Glass. The third is Crosswalk Confession. And then there’s Down, a novel I decided to write based on a screenplay I was working on (of the same name).
On top of these, I still have Blink and The Perfect (a Young Adult novel) to complete.
Whew. Sounds like I’ve got enough to keep me busy for a while. Time’s-a-ticking. Think I need to go now.
Catch up soon!