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G Q’ourses

What do writers’ conferences, seminars, traditional workshops, groups, and college classes all have in common?

They throw everything at you -including the kitchen sink- at once! Then you struggle to keep it all in order, return to your preferred writing mode, and stare at the blank page (or screen) and get frustrated.

No more.

For the first time ever, these writing workshop-style courses will encourage, teach, instruct, mentor, and guide you along this journey… at your pace.

Whether you’re just starting out, not certain if writing’s for you, or have been pounding on the keys for years, you’ll find the perfect sessions that you need.

“G Q’ourses = G’s Q(uick C)ourses. (Get it? Pretty clever, eh? Oh, stop …

Become THE Master Writer you were meant to be!

The First Q’ourses

Discovering the Writer Within

Are you a writer? Have you always wanted to write? Are you not sure ‘it’s in you?’ Explore the possibilities with this FREE introductory workshop!

You Are What You Think

Plenty of people have a tough time calling themselves a ‘writer’. Are you one of them? Let’s see if you truly are a writer (and what you can do about it)!

What’s the Big Idea?

It’s time to take charge … of your writing life. Ideas can be fickle, stubborn, and unruly (sound like anyone you know?). Let’s get your writing … down!

About G

Author of three novels, numerous short stories, 10,000+ blogs and articles, and a master’s in creative writing, G Thomas is accomplished, skilled, and knowledgeable about the craft. He also owns and operates Top Quality Writing, a writing and editing firm.

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You’ll never achieve your dreams if they remain just that …

– G Thomas Hedlund

Meet G

June 23, 2020

Writing Workshop • Danbury, CT

The G Q’ourses are designed for people to go at their own pace, but sometimes it’s great to have the personal interaction of a live session.

August 10, 2020

Guest Speaker • Raleigh, NC

Workshop seminar featuring dozens of highly skilled, accomplished authors coming together to support the next generation of scribes.

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